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When Do You Know it’s Time to Use a Walking Cane?

If you feel that a cane would help you navigate through life more easily and safely, then the answer is that you should probably start using a cane.

Any trouble walking or issues with instability can be quickly fixed with the help of a cane. You should feel confident in your strut. A cane can help alleviate pain as it takes away the pressure from your joints and gives your muscles the extra boost to walk farther.

Still not sure if now is the right time to get a cane?

Answer the questions below and see if a walking cane is right for you:

Can you walk without assistance every day?Do you often find yourself unsteady and in need of support to walk or stand?If you are unassisted, are you worried you may fall?Do you find yourself reaching for a rail or object to grasp onto for support?Is it difficult for you to walk up and down stairs?Does walking require an excessive amount of energy and tire you out faster than you’d like?

If you answered yes to more than half of these questions, a cane may be the solution to all your problems. Whether it be to gain more balance or extra support, a cane can help you heal faster and regain freedom in your movement.

Canes are multi-purposeful. The need can arise during any stage of life. You may need one after surgery to recover or as support, while you grow older, either way, canes are there to help you not hurt you. They provide support while standing and walking, allowing you to move more while exerting less energy.

Make the change today, and regain your confidence every step of the way.