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We Designed StrongArm® to be the Perfect Self Standing Ergonomic Cane

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Why StrongArm Canes Might Be The Best Way To Improve Your Mobility

There’s a certain type of person who is born with perfect posture and the ability to keep their back straight. But for many people, this innate ability to remain erect can be difficult to maintain, especially when you consider how important it is to be physically active. For people who suffer from chronic conditions like arthritis or spinal cord injuries, regular exercise that improves their range of motion is essential in order to maintain healthy joints and keep them pain-free. On top of that, being able to get around less restrictive settings like homes and offices might help those who are confined to a wheelchair become more independent. But even though StrongArm Canes have been around for centuries, we’re just now starting to realize how beneficial they can be as an alternative form of mobility. So, what exactly are StrongArm Canes? And do they have the potential to improve your mobility? Let’s take a look at what they are, why using them could be the key to staying more Active!

The ergonomic cane that helps you stand up from a seated position, confidently and safely without wobble.

When standing from a seated position StrongArm’s unique design offers that hand up without the need to push off an armrest or the struggle to find your balance as you stand. 

What Do StrongArm Canes Do?

When you use a StrongArm Cane, you are increasing your mobility and improving your balance. This is because when you use a stick you are actually using your bodyweight to help lift your leg. This increases your mobility by making it easier to get around. What’s even more interesting is that the way you use the stick depends on your individual needs. Some people find it helpful to use it as a support when they are walking and need it most, while others find it helpful when they are running and want to stay in the chase.

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The Key To Getting Around More Restrictive Settings

If you are confined to a wheelchair, a scooter, a walker, or some other device that has you sitting or lying in one location, you might be limited in how often you can use your StrongArm Cane. This is why it is important to find a mobility device that gives you the flexibility to use it however you want. There are a variety of reasons why using a StrongArm Cane could be a great option for people who find it difficult to walk without a cane or a manual wheelchair. For example, if you are a senior citizen who has regained some mobility after a long illness, using a StrongArm Cane could be a great way to get around again. It could also be helpful for people with arthritis or other chronic diseases that cause limited range of movement in their joints.