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    See why customers love StrongArm Comfort Cane

    We are dedicated to supporting your mobility by making the best walking canes that offer support, stability, and unparalleled comfort. The StrongArm Comfort Cane remains the highest quality walking canes around that’s our commitment. but don’t just take our word for it.


    We value your opinion and so do other customers. Read reviews from customers about their experience with the StrongArm Comfort Cane.

    Based on 1322 reviews
    Self Standing Support Canes
    charlie/ karen (Grand Rapids, US)

    the only draw back it is not very good on ice , i live in the north in MN , it would be nice if there was afoot made to deal with the ice , other then that is great and I like very well give me better support and like I can use it to stand up I have two keep up the good work

    Self Standing - Big Base Replacement Tip
    Melinda Phillis (Minerva, US)

    Self Standing - Big Base Replacement Tip

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Emily Graves (Seattle, US)
    Life changing Strong Arm cane!

    I am still learning all of the ways to hold/grip this wonderful magic cane! I am able to get myself up from low seats easily without an assistant. It takes the pressure off my elbow and allows me to walk in a much more upright position than any regular cane. My back and core muscles are getting stronger by the day, and I have much less pain in my shoulders and hips. I can use it on either side, and it's making me feel much more confident about getting around solo, which I have missed so much with all my orthopedic issues. I love it so much, I'm wanting to buy a second one to see if it might allow me to go for walks with my dog! I could go on and on, but you get the idea. 3 Cheers for my Strong Arm!!!

    I ordered 2 canes but only got one cane

    My husband’s cane

    I bought the cane for hubby, he likes it, but, sometimes it doesn’t want to stand up on the carpet.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Diane Marple (Cassville, US)
    Not sure if that’s the one for me

    Not sure

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Richard Cram (Irma, US)
    Well Worth It !

    I bought this for future use, but have tried it out & am well-pleased with it. as others I read have said - it would be nice to offer replacement upper grips as I'm sure they will wear out.

    Hasn't gotten it yet

    If you need more then a single.

    If you need more support then a singe cane. Do not get this cane. Id like to get a refund.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    paul marcus (Lehigh Acres, US)
    Best cane ever !!!

    The best support for my hip/back…I stand soooo much more erect and it has helped reduce the pain on my side !!!

    Self Standing Support Canes
    sylvia mangold (New Windsor, US)

    the strong arm cane i ordered from you that you sent ten days ago never arrived at our residence. I ordered it because my husband has one that he likes very much and uses all the time so i ordered a second one for him because sometimes his original one gets misplaced.

    Great job 👍

    I just love ❤️ it

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Johanne LeMon (American Fork, US)
    Night crawler beware now

    Thought I’d never cross my night crawlers lawn again. I’m so steady arm support is a blessing, dogs’ lets go out in the yard. Arm rest is genius
    Where have you been I have friends wanting one too, glad you have so many colors- white would be really helpful. Our temples everything is white.
    I glow like a neon light in there
    Any plans for all white?

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Carole Green (Jacksonville, US)
    Got it for my Dad for Christmas

    My dad is 78 and has neuropathy in his feet and legs. He was very impressed.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Mary Blake (Dayton, US)
    Not sure about the name

    It’s not what I thought it would be.. my hand gets numb after a short period while using..

    I’ve seen my wife walk with more stability and ease. I’ve been in therapy services for over 20 years. I’ve seen canes and other assistive devices, but this one is far better from tip to handle. I highly recommend.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Mark Stehl (Allentown, US)
    Review of my Stronarm Comfort Cane

    My Strongarm Comfort Cane is definitely the most well-built, sturdiest cane I’ve ever owned. It gives me more confidence and stability than a traditional cane. It may take a little getting used to but it’s well worth it. I highly recommend the Strongarm Comfort Cane.

    Bittersweet gift

    My husband wanted this cane and I got him one as an early Christmas gift, 2023. He now is in a Coma and and not expected to live. He loved the cane for a whole 2 weeks! It's a great cane!

    LED Safety Light
    Kit Goodwin (New Albany, US)
    He loves it

    My husband finds his safety cane light very helpful! Great product, easy to use.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Edward Swafford (Desert Hot Springs, US)

    Cane is good. The problem is the foot is small and doesn't support the person as other canes with larger foot support. Will need to return it.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Richard Davis (Grantsville, US)
    cane arm

    Hi, I think the top of the cane could be a little more higher. I have had it come out of my hand pretty easy I love the way it stands alone and the large pad on the bottom. Other than that, which is just my own opinion, I think its a great product.

    I am left handed and I cannot use my left hand with this cane. Wasted my money

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Elaine Sell (Calvert Heights, US)
    Support cane

    Works very well for me. I feel more support than from the traditional cane and it also helps me to stand straighter.