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StrongArm® Comfort Cane FAQs:

What Makes the StrongArm® Different From Traditional Canes?

The StrongArm® works effectively at shifting the user’s weight by moving their weight from the wrist to the forearm. This helps the individual distribute their weight more evenly as they walk, yet it also eases tension on the wrist. Furthermore, the StrongArm® has an ergonomic handle that keeps your wrist and forearm in a natural position to prevent further injuries from happening. This is particularly useful for those with any type of joint inflammation or carpal tunnel disorder.

Traditional canes do not offer weight distribution, and individuals who utilize this type of walking cane could encounter strain in their wrist. These designs are not recommended for individuals with existing joint issues.

Does the StrongArm® Stand on its Own?

Yes, the StrongArm®Comfort Cane offers a wide self standing base allowing it to stand on its own. This feature makes it convenient and allows the walking cane to always be by your side. No longer fear falling trying to pick up that traditional cane. 

Will the StrongArm® Work For Me?

The StrongArm® offers 12 height adjustments. It expands and retracts from as short as 28" to as tall as 39" measured to the hand grip, which will fit the vast majority of users who are between the height of 4'10” - 7 ft tall, but can vary depending on the length of your arms. 

How Much Weight Can the StrongArm® Support?

The StrongArm® is designed for a maximum user weight of 500 pounds.

How Does StrongArm® Help Me Stand From a Seated Position? 

When standing from a seated position StrongArm's unique design offers that hand up without the need to push off an armrest or the struggle to find your balance as you stand. 

Can the StrongArm® be Used in Both Arms?

Yes. the StrongArm® Comfort Cane’s universal design offers support in both the left and right arm. Users who require additional support and stability can use a StrongArm® in each arm. 

Does the StrongArm® Fold and Unfold?

No, the StrongArm®Comfort Cane does not fold because we designed asturdy andquality mobility device to support the lives of everyday cane users, while improving confidence and independence.

How Much Does the StrongArm® Weigh?

The StrongArm® Comfort Cane is made of lightweight aluminum alloy that offers maximum strength with little weight. The total weight is two pounds, making it less than the weight of a quart of milk.  

What is the Shortest and Tallest Adjustment for the StrongArm®?

From the floor tip to the handgrip the shortest adjustment height is 28". It expands and retracts from as short as 28" to as tall as 39" measured to the hand grip.

How Do I Adjust the StrongArm®?

The StrongArm® ships fully assembled and is easy to adjust for the perfect fit. You can adjust the handle height by unscrewing the top tightening nut, then push in the lock button and either lift up or push down on the lower cane shaft to meet the desired size. 

Can I Replace the Tip on my StrongArm®?

Yes, we offer replacements for purchase. Please click here to view and order replacement tips. 

What is the Size (circumference) of the StrongArm® Cane Shaft?

The shaft is 1" in diameter. For your health and safety, we recommend only replacing your StrongArm® cane tip with the official manufactured StrongArm® replacement tips. 

Does the StrongArm® Have any Attachments? 

Yes, the StrongArm® has an optional  safety light attachment. You can order the StrongArm® Safety Light here

Is the StrongArm® returnable if it doesn't work out?

Yes, we offer a 30-day 100% money back return policy. You can review our return policy here

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