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StrongArm vs. HurryCane: Which Cane is Better?

StrongArm versus HurryCane: Which Cane is Better?

Assuming your medical care supplier suggested that you begin utilizing a walking cane, you might think about what model is the most ideal best for you. There is a wide range of dependable choices, however the HurryCane and the StrongArm are probably the most well known decisions among the older demographics. The HurryCane and StrongArm both have one of a kind features for people who need balance and postural assistance as they walk. With that being said, we needed to figure out which is the better walking cane, so we put them both under the microscope to help guide customers for the best walking cane.

Weight Distribution

The StrongArm works effectively at shifting the user’s weight by moving their weight from the wrist to the forearm. This helps the individual distribute their weight more evenly as they walk, yet it also eases tension on the wrist. Furthermore, the StrongArm has an ergonomic handle that keeps your wrist and forearm in a natural position to keep further injuries from happening. This is particularly useful for those with any type of joint inflammation or carpal tunnel disorder.

The HurryCane does not offer weight distribution, and that implies individuals who utilize this type of walking cane could encounter strain in their wrist. This design is not recommended for individuals with existing joint issues.

Sit to Stand Assist

The StrongArm’s unique handle has two different levels, which allows the user to use both hands while transitioning from sitting to standing as well as the other way around. Customers can put one hand on the lower handle and the other hand on the upper handle to gain balance as they change from one position to the next. This is useful for people who battle with equilibrium and coordination issues.

The standard handle on the HurryCane makes it harder for somebody to move from sitting to standing, since they would need to put one hand on the cane and the other hand on an armrest of the seat they were sitting or push off their own leg to stand up. This forces the user to over extend themself awkwardly between the cane and an additional support (armrest or leg), which frequently causes individuals to have a false sense of safety and lack of balance as they move about. 

Self-Standing Base

Both of these canes offer a self-standing, multiple terrain base. This keeps the cane in an upright position in any event, when it's not being used or being held by the user. This feature allows the cane to always be by their side. The all surface base allows users to regain their independence and confidence to go where life takes them. This Includes in home surfaces such as tile, carpet, and hardwood floors, along with outdoor terrains such as grass, soil, rocks, black-top and other outdoor conditions.

The StrongArm can support up to 500 pounds with its 5-inch self standing base. StrongArm offers a much more extensive base compared to other canes, which offers unmatched dependability and simplicity of real support. 

The HurryCane has just a 350-pound weight limit, so it is not ideal for people who are above this cutoff. The tip on the HurryCane is a lot more modest than that of the StrongArm, and that implies this cane won't propose as much help as a cane with a bigger base would. With a smaller base, people are bound to feel their cane move under them as they make even little postural changes like raising their arm or changing their apparel.


Portability is a main consideration when deciding on a cane, since individuals who use a walking cane often need it primarily as they walk. This implies a cane ought to have a component that permits it to be put away when an individual is situated, remaining upright, or able to be supported in another way than the cane. The ‘S’ shaped handle on the StrongArm allows users to rest it over their arm so they can in any case use two hands for tasks, holding things, perusing in stores, and significantly more. The design of this handle separates the StrongArm from everyday walking canes, since it gives users the ability to be more mobile and independent.

While the HurryCane folds into a more modest size and can be put away in a bag or large purse, this cane doesn't offer the same benefits as the StrongArm. The user needs to set aside some time to make the cane compact and may even need help with this assuming they miss the mark on appropriately folding the device. In the event that users decide not to utilize this collapsing highlight, they should expect an abnormal stance to grasp the cane or fold it between their arm and side, which isn't great. 

Height Adjustments

The StrongArm is profoundly flexible and has 12 height settings. Since everyday cane users come in all different sizes, it is best to have multiple options. The height settings can be set anywhere between 28 inches and 39 inches, which is measured from the floor to the top of the handle. This is a great feature to accommodate a wide range of users or to help users reach different things by adjusting the cane up or down to fit their needs at that time.

The HurryCane, though height-flexible, has just 8 settings. The range on this cane is 31 to 38 inches, which limits the range of users who can utilize this cane.

Last Thoughts

Both of these walking canes offer additional support for people who battle to walk securely and safely. Nonetheless, the StrongArm cane provides more benefits to the user that make it a superior fit for individuals who need help getting around. With a wide, self standing base, sit-to-stand feature, ideal height settings, and extreme versatility, the StrongArm is an unrivaled choice for any individual who needs a dependable, supportive cane that goes where they go.

Many thanks to you for setting aside the time to research the distinction between these two well-known walking cane brands!