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Benefits of a Walking Cane for Back Pain

Millions of Americans are suffering from back pain issues and the numbers are projected to rise as the high treatment costs are getting in the way of getting treatment. If the drugs and visits to the chiropractic are too much for the wallet, we have a simple alternative to ease the pain without the doctor’s visit...The Walking Cane.

Why do I need a walking cane?

Staying active is important at any stage in life, but as we get older it becomes even more crucial to a healthy lifestyle. An active lifestyle increases mobility and reduces stiffness. A cane makes it easier to live just like this since the use of a proper cane can make it easier to remain active and taking away pressure from your back and joints.

Walking Canes are for Everyone

Gone are the days where we associate canes with old age. Whether it’s a fashion statement, support after surgery or procedure, canes are there to provide additional support and balance. If you have pain in your back, a cane is a perfect way to help heal and regain your mobility. A cane helps eliminate adding extra weight and pressure to certain areas of the spine and joint which helps you stay in shape and boosts your metabolism.

Form, form, form

In case you missed it. When using a cane it all comes down to your form. It is everything and deciding factor in the change in your posture. The proper way to use a cane is to always have the cane on your stronger/uninjured side. This will help maximize your body’s strength to get the most support.

It is important to note that canes are not intended to be used as crutches and they are not designed for full weight bearing. Instead, the focus is for them to be an assistive device to relieve the strain of walking.