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    StrongArm® Comfort Cane

    Self Standing - Big Base Replacement Tip

    Introducing StrongArm's Free Standing - Big Base
    Increase your mobility and independence with our new replacement tip to always keep your StrongArm Cane by your side. 

    This replacement tip transforms your current StrongArm Cane into one of the most supportive free-standing canes on the market. Our Big Base provides a larger surface area and is made from durable yet semi-flexible material to provide better traction and stability on flat or uneven surfaces. 

    • Self Standing Design 
    • Flexible base for uneven terrain
    • Larger surface area for increased traction 

    To all our StrongArm users who requested a self-standing tip, we want to thank you for your feedback and truly amazing reviews. Our mission is to continue to improve the StrongArm Comfort Cane and we strongly believe that with our new self-standing design you will feel the difference in the support, stability, and comfort your StrongArm provides. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 51 reviews
    Melinda Phillis (Minerva, US)

    Self Standing - Big Base Replacement Tip

    John Gautier (Henniker, US)

    I’ve had one on for about a year it works great. When winter gets here the big base cracks and splits and before spring I will have to cut it off and put on the new one I just received. The old one I will have to cut it off to get the new one on.

    Debbie Swanson (Nampa, US)
    Big cane base

    I love my cane, it’s great and very sturdy

    Nelda Kyzar

    Love my StrongArm cane so much, it is so reliable, and feels so sturdy. My only wish is that there were replacements for the arm sleeve. I've had two and they both split in half.

    Beau Sitzmann

    My experience with StrongArm was terrific.

    Searching the market through and through. I had a very specific need for a foot that would be suitable for my needs.

    The customer service I received it was out of this world.

    Specifically, I had a requirement that the foot needed to be a very specific composition, so that it would not leave marks on high value areas. This company went so far as to have an independent composition review so that it would I could be sure that it would not leave marks.

    With you in one week they had all of the testing done and had my composition sheet completed.

    Phenomenal customer service. Above and beyond.