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Universal Clip-On Light

  • Versatile Attachment: Effortlessly clip onto canes, walkers, rollators, crutches, grabber reachers, knee scooters, wheelchairs, and more, ensuring you always have reliable illumination on any mobility device.
  • Peace of Mind: With the StrongArm Universal Clip-On Light, experience enhanced visibility and peace of mind during evening strolls or daily activities, ensuring you can move with confidence in any lighting situation.
  • Enhanced Safety: Illuminate your path with the StrongArm Universal Clip-On Light, providing reliable illumination for nighttime walks or activities, and reducing the risk of falls and accidents.
  • Hands-Free Design: Enjoy hands-free operation while confidently navigating your surroundings, whether walking on a rough path, going upstairs, or taking a nighttime bathroom break. Safely see and be seen, high-intensity cane LED light attachable night light with 100 lumen Cree LED.
  • Super-Bright LED: Featuring a super-bright LED light, this compact accessory significantly enhances visibility, promoting better mobility in low-light conditions for added safety. Stiff but flexible flashlight enclosure fits popular tubing 3/4 to 1 inch (19mm – 25.4mm) across.

Its versatile clip-on design allows for easy attachment to most mobility devices, instantly increasing visibility and promoting better mobility in low-light conditions. With this handy flashlight by your side, you can confidently navigate your surroundings with enhanced visibility and peace of mind. Whether walking on a rough path after dark, up the stairs at night, or the middle of the night bathroom break, this hands-free flashlight can help prevent the risk of falling. Don’t let darkness hinder your mobility – illuminate your path with our Universal Clip-On Light and experience the convenience and safety it brings to your nighttime activities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jean Hanson (Shippensburg, US)
wish it was more strongly made

Useful as all get-out, but I wish it was more strongly made. My can fell over and hit the floor just ... wrong ... and the curved clip part snapped. This has happened twice.

ALTON TUCKER (Wilmington, US)
Universal Clip-On Light on StrongArm Comfort Cane

I have more to say about the Cane than I do the light. It's a light. It clips on. It works. End of story. The cane has been a Godsend. Thank you for asking for my opinion.

Sunae Hyun Lee (Lawrenceville, US)

LED Safety Light

Peter Shandorf (Robbinsdale, US)

Real good.

Kit Goodwin (New Albany, US)
He loves it

My husband finds his safety cane light very helpful! Great product, easy to use.